Get a sip of tea, pull up a chair, sit a spell!  But then don't forget to go have your own adventures and make your own music!  We are excited to be back in America and excited to be part of your special event.  We hope to hear from you soon, contact us for booking details!

             Pearlgrace & Co.     2017-2018                 

Christmas Festivities & Gigs Begin 2017

December 9...Pizza Factory Gig in Perkins, Oklahoma... Victorian Walk with the Ringers AND surprise drop in at the Double Stop Fiddle Shop/the girls take the stage with the Byron BerlineBand!!

Christmas music in our house: St. Lucia Day, friends over, children's church special music: Happy Birthday Jesus... hired musicians for the  Frontier Engineering Luncheon...beginning to wind down...'home for the holidays'!

Goodbye 2017! December 30 We played our final event for the year in Del City, Oklahoma at The Greater Oklahoma Bluegrass Music Society 5th Saturday Gospel Night.




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